The Brilliant Dad Feature is one year old!

Just over a year ago I was mulling over an idea to involve dads on my blog and talk about their experiences as dads. I was sitting in my twin girls room whilst they went to sleep one night and started to think about what questions I could ask dads. I didn’t want too many questions and I didn’t want complicated questions either. I actually wanted simple questions that would make us think about our roles as dads, so I thought what would I ask myself.  It actually didn’t take me very long to work out what I would ask… [Read More]

High/lowlights of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close I thought I would look at some of the high points and low points of my life. January was an interesting month. We were given notice on the property we were renting which I found very stressful, but on the up side we had a short break in Bluestone Wales which was fantastic. February was a month of surprises. I had a bit of financial luck. I started the Brilliant Dad Feature Thank you Ryan from Dad Creek for being the first! It’s still going strong at number 48. In February we also moved home… [Read More]

Rise of the Daddy Blogger

I have been blogging for about six months. I started because I broke my wrist and was unable to work as a painter/decorator for six weeks. My wife who blogs at Twin Mummy and Daddy had been saying for a while that I should start a blog about DIY and parenting so I did! I was surprised that there were so few daddy bloggers compared to the huge amount of mummy bloggers, but since I have been blogging there is definitely an increase in dad/men bloggers, but blogging is still without a doubt dominated by women and the question I… [Read More]